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Richard Klein is an architectural photographer based in Dallas Texas.

Trained in the fine arts in photography and sculpture, Klein is known as a master of lighting with an artistʼs understanding of context and material. Klein's expertise is photographing architecture, food and beverage and people in dream locations in paradise and urban centers for clients like Disney, Hyatt International, Intercontinental, Rosewood, Shangri-La, and Sheraton Grand. Shooting extensively in the US and Asia, on the Pacific Rim from Tokyo to Melbourne, Europe and Africa, Klein has logged over 5 years offshore on assignment. 

Great designers imbue the built environment with a sense of life and rhythm, creating a nonverbal desire on the part of the viewer to be in the space. How to best translate the experience of being in the space into the photographic image is the challenge. The architectʼs tools are volume, light, proportion and surface façade. The photographer has composition and lighting to distill the space into an image. Composition is about describing the geometry and proportion and lighting is about putting depth in the image, adding rich textures, separating surfaces and creating the illusion of three-dimensional space in the picture plane.  



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Richard Klein Photography, LLC
3807 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX, 75226

+1 214 205 4011